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    Thermal Oxidizer Installations

    See where our Thermal Oxidizers have been installed in North America.

    Ohio Paint Shop

    The engineers selected a regenerative thermal oxidizer abatement system to capture and destroy the paint solvent vapors and VOCs from their new solvent-based 2K clear coat spray paint booths. The customer's new thermal oxidizer features dual heat exchangers to recover waste heat, increasing their thermal efficiency over equivalently-sized RTOs and other air pollution control equipment.

    Project Details

    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

    • SOP: 2018
    • Location: Ohio
    • Process: Paint Booth exhaust
    • Category: VOC Abatement
    • Size: 55,000 CFM
    • More details here

    Thermal Oxidizer Projects

    Indiana Paint Shop


    Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
    Installed 2018
    10,000 cfm

    MS Paint Shop


    Thermal Oxidizer
    Installed 2018
    2,000 cfm

    Bumper Paint Shop


    Thermal Oxidizers
    Installed 2014 & 2016
    2,000 cfm & 1,000 cfm

    Auto Body Paint


    Direct-fired Thermal Oxidizer
    Installed 2014
    2,000 cfm

    Plastic Bumper Paint


    Thermal Recuperative Oxidizer
    Installed 2015 & 2016
    2,000 CFM and 1,000 CFM

    Automotive Paint


    Direct-fired Thermal Oxidizer
    Installed 2012
    5,000 cfm

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